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LuvCare Adult Small Breed

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LuvCare Adult Large Breed

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LuvCare Puppy Medium Breed

LuvCare Medium Breed View More

LuvCare Medium Breed

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Optimum Nishikikoi

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SmartHeart® Chicken & Liver

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SmartHeart® Beef & Liver

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SmartHeart® Chicken Flavor with Vegetable

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Food for Dogs

We understand the uniqueness of each dog. That is why we have developed many formulas suitable for their requirements and at different stages of their lives. Our dog food products are manufactured at our facility which is certified by internationally-recognized accrediting organizations. This will guarantee our product quality with complete and balanced nutrition that we offer for your dogs to make them happy from inside out.

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Food for our Feline Friends

The body and cat body are very different. The nutrients needed are different. Therefore, it is not suitable to feed the cats with food. In addition, cats in each age range need different foods. Of course, if cats eat food that is not suitable for the body, it can adversely affect health. Our cat food is the answer to cat lovers. Our cat food, both granular and wet, is available in a wide range as appropriate for the age range. and have many flavors to choose from. Choose products from our company for cats. Choose to give happiness to your little friend.

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Fish Food

Optimum Fish food was developed for all fish type such as Gold Fish, Carp, Betta, Small Mouth Fish and Cichild etc. Optimum Fish food is promoting growth ,immunity, color for improve fish welfare.

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Bird Food

Because birds of all species have different nutrient needs. We have developed bird food from a quality selection process with superb quality raw materials to strengthen your bird’s overall health, wellbeing and provided variety for your bird’s pleasure and enjoyment.

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Rabbit Food

Rabbits make great pets for the family and they also need good caring and lost of attention. Rabbits should receive enough nutrients to meet their daily needs. Rabbit food should have the right amount of nutrients to support your rabbit’s energy and growth requirements. Our Rabbit Food containing ingredients that bring concentrated food and roughage mixed in a reasonable proportion. It contains proteins, carbohydrates, fats, fiber, minerals and vitamins. In quantities that meet the nutritional needs of rabbits each day.


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Hamster Food

Our Hamster Food and Treat was specifically developed to provide complete and balanced nutrition for Hamster, Rats, Mice and related species for optimum growth, strong bones and teeth, and healthy skin and coat. Enriched with vitamins, organic minerals and other nutrients to strengthen your hamster’s overall health and wellbeing and provided variety for your hamster’s pleasure and enjoyment.

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 Turtle Food

Let’s feed your turtle with our high quality turtle food which is a healthier choice for your pet.

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